Are you working on health and transportation from an environmental justice angle?

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Thanks, Ed.  Does this finding surprise anyone?  Haven't we known this for a long time?  At what point is it no longer necessary to do further studies, but instead to take action?  For example, I recently worked with The City Project of Los Angeles and the California Endowment to show how civil rights laws can be applied to minority health disparities.
Marc Brenman
Author of "Planning as if People Matter: Governing for Social Equity," with Tom Sanchez, Island Press, 2012

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This papaer may be of interest to some.

A new study from the University of Colorado Denver shows public health
issues are often ignored in many transportation projects, especially when
major roads are built through lower-income neighborhoods.  Air pollution,
crime and numerous traffic hazards, the study said, point to a serious and
persistent gap between public health and planning.

Here is s link to the study but you need access to the Journal of Planning
Education and Research to read it

Ed Christopher

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