As someone interested in health and transportation I would encourage you to give Ann's request below a good look over. This is an important project to the TRB Health and Transportation Subcommittee. The project promises to be wrapped up in time for our Subcommittee to hold a session around it at the annual meeting. Also, while you are at it, make sure to put the annual meeting on your calendar. It will run from Sunday, January 13th to Wednesday, January 16, 2019.

On 8/6/2018 10:10 AM, Ann Steedly wrote:

Dear Health and Transportation Subcommittee members and friends:


Our team is working on NCHRP 25-25 Task 105: A Guidebook for Communications between Transportation and Public Health Communities. We are working to develop a practitioner-friendly guide that provides tools and techniques that can be put into ready use by transportation practitioners and agencies to effectively integrate health considerations from transportation planning through implementation. For more information on the project, please visit the project website at:

The team will be incorporating input from transportation and health stakeholders in the guidebook which will touch on topics including: transportation and health processes and points of intersection; stakeholders to involve; communications and language differences; communication and coordination techniques; existing organizations, forums and program resources available to support collaboration; and resources and data sources for practitioners to learn more about transportation and health issues.


Input Requested

The research team would greatly appreciate H+T Subcommittee suggestions for examples of successful transportation and health coordination and collaboration efforts, tools and methods. If you have examples to submit to the team please email and include the following information: name of or other reference for the effort; brief description; website (if available); and contact information (name, email and/or phone) for follow up. 


Please send in your suggestions no later than August 17, 2018 so we can incorporate them into the next phase of guidebook development. Thank you very much for your input. We look forward to sharing the guidebook with you in early 2019!

Thank you,

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