TRB Health and Transportation Subcommittee: Mission Statement and Scope of Subcommittee


The mission of the Health and Transportation Subcommittee is to identify, advance and publish research and information to expand and improve current understanding and evaluation of the health impacts of federal, state, regional and local transportation policies, procedures and actions.


The scope of this Subcommittee includes a wide array of topics designed to cover diverse impacts and issues related to health, with attention given to vulnerable populations. Topics include, but are not limited to: sustainable and active transportation modes (e.g., walking, biking, transit), mobility, accessibility, safety, freight and aviation impacts to health, transportation-related air pollution and noise impacts, social cohesion, other social, physical and mental health impacts, the distribution of those health impacts in the population (based on factors including income, race and ethnicity, sex, age and English proficiency), and the use of health impact assessments (HIAs) and other health metrics and indicators to advance the consideration of health impacts in transportation decision-making.  The subcommittee will consider approaches to maximizing health benefits and addressing potential adverse impacts of transportation planning and policy decisions through engineering and design solutions.


The subcommittee will fulfill its mission by serving as a focal point for transportation issues and their health impacts, both positive and negative. It will do so by reviewing and publishing research, sponsoring paper calls, developing research proposals and contributing to the knowledge base, and through the use of a variety of communication methods.  This Subcommittee will bring together a variety of disciplines (e.g., engineers, public health professionals, planners, epidemiologists, economists, advocates, elected officials, academics) to advance the Subcommittee’s mission and scope.