Eloisa suggested that I invite the subcommittee members to join the listserve of the National Consortium on the Coordination of Human Services Transportation. We deal with community transportation, including access to medical care, and transit. Our members include a broad range of organizations from the worlds of planning, health, transit, aging and people with disabilities.

The listserve is used to announce Consortium colloquia and to notify members that there is a new blog post for the group. The messages are few.

The blog is the Express Stop.

Topics covered in the colloquia and the blog are transit, reauthorization, livability, modes other than SOV, funding, emergency preparedness, non-emergency medical transportation, and once in a while legislative positions of national organizations etc.

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Sheryl Gross-Glaser
Director, Partnership for Mobility Management
Coordination Specialist, National Resource Center for Human Service Transportation Coordination
Community Transportation Association of America

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