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The marketing department at AASHTO is taking a crack at helping us get more on the map. One major benefit to this is that when our next funding cycle rolls around (2023) we will be a bit ahead in the “materials for decision makers” department.  To this end, if you have some success story or testimonial regarding the CTPP, I would love to hear about it. It may be tweeted, posted to Facebook or Instagram (if visual), or used in future marketing.  If you would rather send them to me, and not the whole list, that would be great:   I’ve included a couple examples below my signature, to give you ideas.




Penelope Weinberger

CTPP Program Manager



“The CTPP program is a vital component for understanding travel in the state of Florida. The data, along with the technical support provided by AASHTO helps Florida understand the nature of the workforce in Florida, how, when, and where they travel for work, and the impacts on congestion and transportation operations. The CTPP data is a cost effective tool for helping Florida DOT achieve its mission of providing for the mobility of people and ensuring economic prosperity by helping provide a data driven solution to transportation problems.”

— Florida Department of Transportation


Several major model development projects in the state of Colorado have used CTPP Journey-to-Work data, including development of activity-based models for the Denver region and for the entire state. CTPP is one of the “go-to” sources of travel pattern data that is genuinely independent of the travel survey data commonly used to estimate these models. Unbiased, independent data of this type is very hard to come by, and the CTPP is a critical piece of just about any model development project puzzle.