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There is a Geocode process in SAS (PROC GEOCODE).  I’ve never used it.  But, it sounds like what your colleague needs.


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Subject: [CTPP] geocoding in SAS


Good morning,


A colleague of mine at a local university has a SAS/GIS challenge and I am hoping someone on this list might know the answer.  She is creating a data processing program entirely in SAS.  The data had addresses as well as Lat/Longs for the addresses.  One of the criteria is that the data processing program should determine which Census tract the addresses fall into.  She needs to do this in the program, joining the points to the tracts in GIS beforehand is not an option.  I immediately thought of the Census API's geocoding function but I have no idea if SAS can access it, or anything else about SAS for that matter.


If anyone has any solutions, please feel free to e-mail me and I'll pass your message on.  I can also put you in direct contact with my colleague if you want to discuss the problem in depth.





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