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Hi friends of Census Tracts—


If it’s useful to you… Census Bureau has published a contacts list of 2020 Census PSAP participating agencies, here:

This list covers every county in the nation. 


If the listing for your county points to an erroneous agency or a nonworking phone number/email, I suggest you alert Census’s Geog Division:



By the way, our office, Metropolitan Council of the Twin Cities, has a few upcoming meetings where we’ll be describing our review, validation and redrawing of Census Tracts and Block Groups. We are well into the preliminary work. Starting in March we will be pointing interested stakeholders to preliminary, proposed re-tracting for our 7-county region.


And we will be inviting stakeholders to comment or express their needs for Census stats tabulations for sub-city zones, service areas, etc. We will consider whether those needs can possibly be met with 2020-vintage Tracts and Block Groups.


It’s possible we may receive some comments from outside of our region. When that happens, we will be redirecting commenters to the other county governments and regional development commissions in our state…  May want to bookmark the participants list mentioned above!


Hope that helps.



Todd Graham



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