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My suggestion is that you create a Query with the geography you normally select then just load that query when you need it.   For a demo of this, look at pages 14-15 on my AFF presentation at http://www.dof.ca.gov/research/demographic/state_census_data_center/meetings/documents/AmericanFactFinder_6-1-2012-NG.pdf.     You have to select a table so pick something small like P1 in the 2010 Census so it will upload quickly and you have a better chance of including all of your geographies. 


When you load the query, it will open the table with your geography, click on “”Back to Search” and you will see that the geography is in the “Your Selections” box and now you can select the dataset and table.


Hope this helps.


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Hi Everyone,


Do any of you know whether there is a way to set default geography selections in FactFinder? I bet a lot of us use the same geographic selections for a lot of our searches; I think it would useful if whenever we go to FactFinder, these geographies would be selected so we could just look up our tables and go. It’s a pain to pull some data, process it, and go back to FactFinder only to find yourself timed out and needing to reselect your geographies. If anyone knows of a way to avoid this, please let me know.


I’ve suggested through the “Feedback” link on FactFinder that they develop a way to set default geographies (and added the caveat that if this is already possible, it’s not readily apparent how to go about setting them).


I welcome any feedback. Thanks!


Best wishes (and Happy Holidays),




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