In Michigan, cities are legally separated from the townships out of which they may have been formed.  Cities are both MCDs and Places.  Villages are just Places, while townships are just MCDs, and MCD data include any villages (but not cities) that may be inside the townships.

In the decennial census, there is a summary level that gives you villages within townships and township balances. That summary level (the number of which escapes me at the moment) does not appear to be on ACS-5 year. However, I think you can get the villages by themselves, and then you can subtract them from the townships they're in.  If they span two townships, you're out of luck, except that you could proportion them based on the census data.

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Usually I need to use a place fips AND a county subdivision fips code to get to the geography I need, and the unincorporated areas have a “99999” place code. But the ACS data doesn’t include both of these in any summary level I can find and I can’t figure out how to separate cities and villages that are inside townships from the unincorporated township parts– this might be a  unique Ohio need. Has anyone been able to do this?
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