Hi All,


I have used the AS Alchemist and I too like the interface.  I was not able to successfully create census tract or blockgroup results. 


I was wondering if someone else has experienced this and was able to work around it. 


Martin Catala




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Hi, all

If you are frustrated by getting the ACS 5-year block group level data via Census Bureau ftpsite or DataFerrett, ACS Alchemist may be a good alternative.  

I just tested ACS Achemist that was developed by Azavea & Temple University and I think it's easy to use.  But keep in mind that only ACS 2005-2009 and ACS 2006-2010 data are available in the ACS Alchemist.  If you are looking for 1-year or 3-year data, you still need Census Bureau data access tools including American Fact finder and DataFerrett.

ACS Achemist is an open source tool that enables the extraction of ACS 2005-2009 and ACS 2006-2010 data  on different level of geographic aggregation, i.e., counties, county sub-division, tracts, blockgroups, etc.  .  The user interface is very straightforward and is a simple step-by-step process.  The thing I like most is that output is saved as the shapefile and you can process your data in the GIS.  The think I like least is that uses will have to create a variable file to define which data they want to get.  The sample of a variable file can be find in the readme document which is included in the software installation package, but I attached one here for your convenience.

Here is the link to the ACS Alchemist home page:


Here is the link to download the software package:


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