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From: Patty Becker []
Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2007 8:36 AM
Subject: [APDU members] Impact of Congressional Continuing Resolution


Hi all,

At this point, it is clear that the Congress will not complete its budgeting job this week in time for the new fiscal year, making a continuing resolution (CR) inevitable.  Below, please find a communication from Terri Ann Lowenthal, APDU Board member, about the impact of the CR on the Census Bureau:

Good afternoon, census stakeholders.

A quick update on the status of Fiscal Year 2008 funding for the Census
Bureau, and a call for IMMEDIATE help in convincing House and Senate
appropriators to provide adquate funds for Census in the short-term
Continuing Resolution before Congress this week.  As you know, the
fiscal year ends this weekend.  The House will take up a CR as soon as

The CR would allocate funds at the FISCAL YEAR 2007 LEVEL through
November 16 (at the earliest; another CR might be necessary then). 
This outcome would spell disaster for key Census programs.

The Census Bureau received $893 million in FY07.  For FY08, the
Administration requested $202.8 million for Salaries &  Expenses, and
$1,027.4 million for Periodic Censuses and Programs.  The House bill
provides $196.8 million for S&E and $1,025.4 million for Periodics. 
The Senate committee bill provides $226.2 million for S&E and $1,020.4
million for Periodics.  Overall, the Administration requested a 37.7
percent increase for the Census Bureau, in recognition of final
preparations for Census 2010 and the 2007 Economic Census and Census of
Governments, among other important activities.

Unofficial word from known sources (no one in the Census Bureau is
allowed to speak about this publicly) is that proposed funding levels
in the CR would endanger conduct of the 2008 Dress Rehearsal
(preparations are in full swing and the DR takes place on a census
schedule next March - summer) or use of handheld computers for
non-response follow-up in the census.  The handhelds are being
developed for deployment in the Dress Rehearsal.  If they are not used
then, it is very possible/likely they will not be used in 2010.

Please make any immediate contacts you can with staff/Members on House
and Senate Appropriations Committees, or other influential Members of
Congress, in support of an exception to proposed funding levels for the
Census Bureau in the CR.  The Census Bureau is on a major cyclical
funding upswing ... it cannot continue to function at last year's
funding levels for a few months.  Keep in mind that the 2007 Economic
Census and Census of Governments are starting this fall, with forms
going out in December/January.  That cannot be delayed either.

Please also share this message with others in your census network.


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