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Thank you to Celia Boertlein and Kin Koerber at the Census Bureau for the original materials and the recent updates related to 2006 ACS tabulations.  September 27 is the scheduled release date for the remainder of 2006 ACS data standard products.    Also, comments to the Federal Register Notice on ACS Data Products (Docket 070725407-7408-01)
are due September 28. 
The first character in the table is a key to the type of the table.  
Subject  “S”  Several tables compiled together addressing a specific subject. Limited
to areas with 1+ million population.  
Base or Detailed  “B”  These tables are used to create the Subject tables, but can be used
Collapsed  “C”   These tables are a smaller version of the Base tables with a reduced
number of categories to reduce suppression.  However, some tables may
still be suppressed if the coefficient of variation among the cells is
too high.
Ranking  “R”   These tables sort the results based on individual values, for example,
average travel time, or percent using transit as means of transportation
to work. For 2005, these are given for State totals.
Data Profiles:  There are 4 profile sheets: demographics, social, economic, housing, and
1 narrative document.  The economic profile includes workers and commuting.
Selected Population Profiles: These are tables by race, ethnicity and ancestry.
All the JTW and Place of Work tables begin with "08".  As for the
detailed (base) tables, there is somewhat of a pattern.  Those beginning
with B080 or C080 support the Subject Table S0801.  Also included in
that set are the Place of Work by metro/micro/non-metro or -micro tables
(B08016-B08018/C08016-C08018).  The latter are included with the others
since S0801 uses the other Place of Work tables.  However, S0801 does
use some JTW tables.  The workplace-based tables that parallel those
detailed tables start with B084 or C084.  The last two digits are the
same for corresponding residence-based and workplace-based tables. 
The detailed tables that are used for the Means of Transportation
Subject Table (S0802), are numbered starting with either B081 or C081.
The workplace-based tables that parallel those detailed tables start
with B085 or C085.  The last two digits are the same for corresponding
residence-based and workplace-based tables.
The household data detailed tables that were requested by DOT and not
used in any other products are numbered starting with either B082 or
C082. These are: 
B08201:  Household Size by Vehicles Available
B08202:  Household Size by Number of Workers
B08203:  Number of Workers by Vehicles Available
For the 2006 ACS, new one-dimensional JTW detailed tables have been added, and start
with either B083 or C083.  The workplace-based tables that parallel
those detailed tables will start with B086 or C086.  The last two digits
will be the same for corresponding residence-based and workplace-based
B08301  Means of Transportation to Work
B08302  Time Leaving Home
B08303  Travel Time 
There will be holes in the numbering where tables are removed.  

The links to the topic search results:

The link for Journey to Work is –


for Place of Work --



for Vehicles Available --


Another resource is the ACS 2006 Data Users Handbook --


The CB's Journey to Work and Migration branch was asked to reduce the
number of ACS standard tables for 2006 and beyond.  
Here's the list of what was removed.  
1) Subject Table S0803.  Worker characteristics crossed by sex. These subject
tables are only produced for areas with 1 million+ population. 
2) Mean travel time in S0802.  Delete the mean travel time to work
column from subject table S0802. Some tables with travel time distributions remain e.g.
B08012, B08134.  
3) Means of Transportation by Marital Status :  This change deletes all the marital
status by means of transportation data.
4) Means of Transportation by Educational Attainment:  This removes all the educational
attainment by means of transportation data.
5) Means of Transportation by Household Type:  This removes all the household type by means of
transportation data. 
Don't forget that we created our own profiles using the 2005 ACS
results.  These are available at: and include some data
from 1990 and 2000.  
We do not plan to prepare new profiles using the 2006 ACS results, as the differences are likely to be small except for areas with large group quarters population, and due to limitations in staff resources.  
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