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Unfortunately, in the current package Worked Outside is not a valid flow end to any geography.  In the next package, Worked Outside will be a county equivalent and you will be able to get a flow from counties to outside the US in the 2012 to 2016 CTPP due out in late 2018/early 2019.  I did a quickie analysis of state to state flows to discover that of Utah’s 1,217,130 resident workers, 1,216,355 travel to Utah and the remaining states. This leaves about 775 workers unaccounted for, but with rounding and MOEs I agree that number is too small to be meaningful.


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I am trying to use the CTPP software to obtain the number of residents of each county in Utah who worked outside the United States. I am using the 2006-2010 5-year dataset. Please let me known if you have any direction on how to obtain this data.


I set all counties in Utah as my residence geography (29 counties). I selected all options for “Worked Outside United States” as the workplace geography (there are only 3 selections). I selected Part 3 - table A302100 (total workers 16 and over) as my data table. I receive the response that “no valid flows are available for your geographic selections – please modify.”


I have used CTPP to obtain flow data for the residents of each county in Utah and their workplaces in Utah or the USA, by county. Data on working outside the United States, however, is proving difficult. Is it possible to obtain this data through the CTPP software?


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