Geography Division, Census Bureau released TIGER/Line shapefiles and geodatabase files with linework and 2010 Census demographic profile data.  See our TIGER Products page at and specifically

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U.S. Census Bureau
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Date: 07/31/2012 12:18PM
Subject: [CTPP] Regional and Statewide Census Geodatabases

We are looking for a pre-configured 2010 Census Geodatabase with both linework and data attached for at least the state of Indiana, if not also including the surrounding states. Although all of the data can be downloaded from the Census Bureau on an as needed basis, we would like a more permanent copy in-house for our GIS needs and publication to our regional GIS website.

We are hoping to find something pre-built, rather then downloading and compiling everything ourselves. Any assistance in the endeavor is appreciated.

John-Paul Hopman
Michiana Area Council of Gov'ts

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