If you're looking for median household income, it should be available at the tract level in the 2019 five year ACS data. You have to go to data.census.gov to get access to that data set -- good luck. If you're willing to settle for the 2018 file (which is 80% the same data), you should still be able to go to American Factfinder (factfinder.census.gov), where access is better.  Bear in mind that the margins of error on income data at the tract level are huge. 

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Hey CTPPers, I received this query, I welcome your thoughts.



We are currently looking at environmental justice factors on Urban Arterials in the Denver Metro area, and I was wondering if you might have any insights into mapping low income population by census tract. The only data I have been able to find includes low and moderate income (from HUD), and I am having trouble even finding that data at the tract level. Do you know of a good data source for this? Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated.

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