Look here ( http://www.census.gov/developers/data/2010acs5_variables.xml ) for the list of tables for which it pulls the data.    B*****_**{E,M} gives you the Estimate and MOE respectively. 

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I’ve noticed that the table codes used in the API requests don’t seem to match the table codes used in the table master lists or in American Fact Finder. For example the ACS 5-year table number for “Total Population” is B01003, but in the examples of API requests here the table number used to fetch population statistics for California and New York is B02001_001E, which the master list would have me believe is the table code for race (plus the “_001E” which I’m mystified by).


Is there a separate list of table IDs that the API recognizes / am I using the wrong lists?


Sam Ennis


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