Hi all,


Here is a database application for those interested in creating “Deep Links” to tables on AFF2.


The attached MS Access database features a form programmed in VBA to assemble Deep Links to the American Factfinder 2. You will have to allow VBA macros or else MS Access will disable the program. The application is a work in progress so if you are handy with VBA feel free to improve it.


Use the dropdown menus to select the program, dataset, table and geography of interest. The “Category” menu is optional and serves to filter tables in the “Table” menu.  After the menu selections are ready, click the “Add Components” button. The hyperlink will appear in the textbox below.


Caveat: AFF2 may not have some of the menu items and some are only be available for specific summary levels.  As data is released in the future (annual ACS, SF2, etc…), new records will have to be added the database tables that reference the proper bookmarking codes and aliases (for menu items).


Multiple geographies (same summary level) for a single table may be added to the hyperlink (e.g. a second county) by clicking the “Add Components” button without resetting the link. Individual census tracts may be added using the 6 digit FIPS number (use a comma delimiter for multiple tracts).


Currently the database can create links to decennial census and ACS tables at the State, County, and Tract summary levels.  The database has places for Arizona only. To add more places to the menu, go to the “Places” table in the  “Data” group and append your place records following the table template.


The AFF deep linking guide was helpful in designing this program, but I also resorted to AFF2 bookmarks to determine correct coding and syntax for some tables and datasets. 


Have fun!



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