I have a CD of the special tabulation "STP154 -- CENSUS TRACT OF WORK BY CENSUS TRACT OF RESIDENCE" if that would help. See the attached doc.





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Hi all!


Ed or Elaine will probably be able to answer my question, but all might (or might not) be interested.


I’m interested in developing a historical database showing tract-level data on total population, land area, and workers-at-workplace, for 1990, 2000 and 2006/10. I want this at a statewide (California) level, not just for the metropolitan areas. This is part of an ongoing research project on describing changes in rural/suburban/urban patterns in California (perhaps elsewhere, as well).


The 2006/10 CTPP includes a tract-level summary level, so I have been able to obtain a statewide, census tract level file of workers-at-work from Part 2 tables.


Similarly, about 11 years ago I extracted a block group-level file of population (Census SF3) and workers-at-work (CTPP 2000, Part 2), which is easily aggregated to census tract level.


The 1990 CTPP is the first “nationwide” CTPP product. The “statewide” element includes place-to-place, county-to-county for ALL counties in the USA, including rural (non-metropolitan) counties. On the other hand, the “urban” elements of the CTPP is restricted to metropolitan counties, and the finest level geographies are either TAZ, block group or census tract. Whether or not the TAZes aggregate to census tracts is unknown.


So, am I correct to assume that the Part 2 (workplace tables) from the 1990 CTPP do NOT include tract-of-work data for non-metropolitan counties? That’s my central question.


A secondary question is: is there a scanned/PDF version of the 1990 CTPP documentation? (I searched my old website, and I don’t think I have it in electronic format….)


I know that the 1980 UTPP was only completed for metropolitan areas, on a cost-reimbursable basis. Some MPOs in California didn’t participate in the 1980 program.


That’s all for now!


Chuck Purvis








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