The geography in PUMS files is PUMAs (Public Use Microdata Area[s]).  PUMAs must be at least 100,000 population. Large counties are divided into many PUMAs.  You need the PUMA maps. I'd suggest contacting your nearest State Data Center -- they should have them. Then you can aggregate PUMAs into counties. If any of the counties are under 100K population, they'll be combined county PUMAs and you'll just have to live with that.

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On Thu, Jul 11, 2013 at 11:49 AM, Ben Silverman <> wrote:
I am attempting to to calculate the percentage distribution of income by quintile in 2000 for a number of counties in and around NYC. I was attempting to use the the PUM files I found here to do so, and was able to use them to calculate those quintile percentages for the states of NY, NJ and CT as a whole, but I couldn't figure out how to separate out the data in them by counties or any other geographic sub-division. Is there a way to separate the data in those files by county or other regions, or are their other files I need in order to do so and where could I find them?

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