Dear everyone --
Today's "CTPP Snapshot" webinar is now available   This version (stored on FHWA space) will be available for at least 30 days.
This is in it's raw form, so you may want to move the player forward about 3 to 5 minutes to get past the music interlude at the start of the session. 
Liang Long will be compiling a Question and Answer document in the next couple of days, and we will post it to the listserv. 
Since many of the webinar slots had "4 or more" attendees, we can estimate that we had nearly 300 people participate in today's meeting.  Thank you all for coming.
We will figure out how to save it and post it on the AASHTO CTPP page for longer term storage. 
The feedback from today's session was that webinars are a good medium to use (of course, there is self-selection bias in that response!), so the CTPP training subcommittee (chaired by Ed Christopher) will take this into account in their plans.