Hard to believe they could have produced something worse than FactFinder.  I could never imagine missing it.  Alan E Pisarski



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I agree with Jonathan. I HATE data.census.gov. Bring back American FactFinder.


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Am I the only user having chronic problems with data.census.gov?


After nearly a year of constant attempts at use and self-training, my personal experience is that data.census.gov is capricious, inconsistent, and inadequate. The potential is (probably) there but to my view it’s not yet ready for prime time – yet it is the only way you can access the 2018 ACS. American Factfinder is going away in a matter of months, so soon the shaky and unstable data.census.gov system will be all that we have.


Perhaps there’s some magic bullet I have yet to find. Or an alternative that provides the professional reliability the data community needs. API?


Can anybody in the data community offer insights?




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