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If their basic assumption were true, that vehicle ownership somehow translates into demographics (ie voter behavior), then why not just cut Google out and process vehicle registration files. It seems to me that would be a lot easier and cheaper. Then again you have to buy the basic assumption. Also, if you look at precinct by precinct voter behavior two things will surprise you. First, precincts are not all one color (red or blue) in most places and the number of people who do vote are very small when considering the total population. While I found this work interesting I would not be out their trying to oversell what its capabilities are without a whole lot more work and research. As I see it we have a very long way to go before we have something that is a kin to the ACS and all its by-products. 

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This will interest people in this group and also foster discussion about the methods used. The article itself has a link to the paper. 

Scientists can now figure out detailed, accurate neighborhood demographics using Google Street View photos
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