I used the detailed instructions on the Census’ website for the state-wide, block-level redistricting data and it worked like a charm (surprisingly!)  I’ll see if I can find the link.


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Hello all


I was wondering if anyone had a chance to figure out how to import the 2010 Redistricting data or the new 2010 demographic profile information into the Access files on the http://www2.census.gov/census_2010/ , under http://www2.census.gov/census_2010/01-Redistricting_File--PL_94-171/ and http://www2.census.gov/census_2010/03-Demographic_Profile/ . I have been confused about this process myself. Does anyone know of any good guides to help? Any ideas or suggestions?  I have been using the new American FactFinder 2 too, but that has been a slow and confusing process too.


Thank you




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