Dear CTPP community: 

Perhaps you have an idea for a data-related (or any other) project that could be funded under this FHWA solicitation (see the list of priority topics below).  

"FHWA strongly encourages cost sharing under any contract that may result, and can offer cooperative agreements if the proposer can offer a cost share of 50 percent from non-federal sources of funding...The FHWA strongly encourages proposals that offer a significant non-federal matching funds or in-kind resources. Cost reasonableness and realism will also be considered in the overall selection process."


FHWA Office of Planning



Transformational Changes and Revolutionary Advances for Transportation Planning

FY 2010 Transportation Planning Broad Agency Announcement Number: DTFH61-10-R-00013

Proposals Due by:  February 15, 2010

The FHWA Office of Planning is soliciting proposals for research and development projects that could lead to transformational changes and revolutionary advances for transportation planning in the United States.  The objective of this Broad Agency Announcement (Solicitation Number DTFH61-10-R-00013) is to advance the practice and application of transportation planning among state, regional and local transportation planning agencies in response to significant changes in the planning process and to identify new tools, techniques and approaches that respond to national transportation planning priorities.  

The FHWA is accepting pre-proposals through February 15, 2010.  Proposals may be in one or more of the following transportation planning focus areas: (1) Tools and Techniques That Support State and local Planning Capacity Building, (2) Tools and Techniques That Support Tribal Planning Capacity Building, (3) Global Climate Change and Air Quality, (4) Congestion Management, (5) Safety Planning, (6) Public Involvement, Environmental Justice, Visualization in Planning, and (7) Freight Planning.  A copy of the notice is posted on at (search for solicitation number DTFH61-10-R-00013).