We have received a number of questions about the timetable for the publication of the final criteria for the definition of Urbanized Areas and Urban Clusters.  We now expect to publish in the Federal Register the final criteria before mid March, 2002, and have the announcement of the Urbanized Areas and Urban Clusters based on these criteria and the Census 2000 population totals by late March, 2002 or early April, 2002.
As part of the GIS and Census workshop at GIS-T 2002 in Atlanta, we will be describing the automated process to delineate the UAs and UCs based on the final criteria.  Please note that session 6.4 Census 2002 & TIGER Modernization in the preliminary program for GIS-T 2002 has been replaced by another topic, and the only formal discussion of the UA criteria will be at the GIS and Census Workshop Sunday afternoon.  The Census Bureau plans to have an exhibit booth at GIS-T, so please stop by if you are not attending the workshop (or even if you do attend the workshop).
Bob LaMacchia
Geography Division
U. S. Census Bureau