We're down to the last few days to accept materials for the proposed poster session (August 1st Deadline).  I would like to encourage all to seriously consider this unique opportunity to share your analytical methodologies and findings with others who will be using released (SF3, PUMS 1%), currently being released (CTPP part 1) and soon to be released (CTPP part 2 & 3 and PUMS 5%)census products.  These extremely valuable census products will provide ample data for a wide range of transportation related analysis.  Ideally, the analyses would combine both tabular and spatial representation of the current data as well as the ability to analyze the historical changes found from previous census releases.

There has been great dialogue on this listserv throughout the year as new census products have been released and I encourage you to take this opportunity to present your analysis to the transportation and data community. The 2003 poster session was well received and we look forward to another great session.  Please submit your information (Title of analysis, abstract, etc) to me by the end of this month.  I will follow up with you on other details you may need to be aware of.  

Please visit http://www.trbcensus.com/notes/postercall2004.pdf to view the official call for posters.   If you have other questions about the CTPP, go to the CTPP home page (http://www.trbcensus.com).

 Feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone

Robert Sicko
Mirai Associates