We do, too. The key is to define low-income for your analysis. In the SF Bay Area transit agencies all use 200% of the Federal Poverty Rate as the low-income cut off, and you should be able to get Census data on that basis. For example table B17026, “RATIO OF INCOME TO POVERTY LEVEL OF FAMILIES IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS” shows the population (in this case, number of families) with income under 50% of the federal poverty level, 50-74% of the FPL, and so on, up to 5 times the FPL. You should be able to find other data like that by tract, and even by block group.



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We use ratio of income to poverty. You can define low-income as the poverty line or some percentage of the poverty line. We use 150%.


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Hey CTPPers, I received this query, I welcome your thoughts.



We are currently looking at environmental justice factors on Urban Arterials in the Denver Metro area, and I was wondering if you might have any insights into mapping low income population by census tract. The only data I have been able to find includes low and moderate income (from HUD), and I am having trouble even finding that data at the tract level. Do you know of a good data source for this? Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated.

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