Thank-you. We look forward to see them when you are finished.
John-Paul Hopman
 >>  I’ve written python scripts to process and load ACS data into a PostGIS
 >>  database, and know someone who has done similar for the SF1 data. I’ve
 >>  been planning on cleaning up my python for the ACS and make it available
 >>  under an open source license (probably Apache 2). I’ll see if my
 >>  colleagues who did the SF1 load (and then shared it with me) are willing
 >>  to do the same.
 >>  Nate
 >>  Nathaniel (Nate) Roth
 >>  GIS Programmer
 >>  Information Center for the Environment
 >>  Department of Environmental Science & Policy
 >>  University of California, Davis
 >>  1 Shields Ave
 >>  Davis, CA 95616
 >>  530-754-6212