As of today, about 150 people have signed up for the October 11 webinar, so there is still room for you!   


This webinar will focus on AFF2.  Please use the link below to register for the session.   I have reserved 220 spaces.


After you register, you will get the meeting URL and the telephone number. 


Ed Christopher from the FHWA Resource Center Planning Team is responsible for running the session.  His email address is (he prefers using this email address to his official USDOT email address). 


Michelle Jiles on the Census Bureau’s ACS staff will conduct the training.  Michelle previously worked for the Census Bureau’s Journey-to-work and Migration Branch, so she is familiar with the CTPP user community.

I have asked her to cover examples using both tables from ACS and 2010 Census SF 1.  She will mention but not provide training on the ACS system to  download  files.  The Block Group data from ACS is not available via AFF2 but ONLY through the download system.  If there is time at the end, she can discuss this more fully, or else, we will arrange for another training session. 


We will have plenty of time for questions and answers.


Elaine Murakami

FHWA Office of Planning

206-220-4460 (in Seattle)