Not to worry, these are just the first of the trainings, you can expect to see a lot of Ed Christopher, Liang Long and me in the coming year.  Please drop me an email off list if you are interested in hosting training, you can also contact Ed, or go through your FHWA division resource people.


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Are these the only 2 locations planned for training on CTPP?


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Boston, MA (Oct 3)


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CTPP Training Opportunity in the Northeast!


Census Transportation Planning Products Program (CTPP) Training is chiefly aimed at data users at the MPO and State. It is appropriate for consultants and students as well. This training is designed for anyone who is required to work on long range planning, congestion management, travel forecast, air quality analysis. Data users whose job requirements include being able to figure out who is going where and when will benefit from this training.


CTPP training is one full day, hands on, and computer lab based. Participants will engage in discussion, practice analytical skills through exercises, learn to navigate the NEW CTPP software for five-year CTPP, and leave with a better understanding of what transportation data are available and what are the avoidable pitfalls to using them.


CTPP will be doing hands on training in the first two weeks of October in the following locations:


Shippensburg, PA (Oct 1)

Piscataway, NJ (Oct 10)


If you are available and would like to register, please contact me off-list -  and I will tell you how!