You can get TIGER/Line shape files from the ESRI website at:
You can get the Census information either from the American Fact Finder (
A procedure to stich the shapefile with the Census 2000 BLOCK level data can be obtained from:
Another website with useful links to Census data issues is:
Thank you!

>>> 09/27/01 05:20PM >>>
Folks, Can anybody explain to me whether it is possible to get a shapefile
of a county based on 2000 census racial groupings, household by type,
population based on sex and age. l work with the Kent County MPO in Delaware
and our staff is trying to put together a map of our jurisdiction which
basically show the afore-mentioned categories. We are finding it difficult
to make a head way. Any suggestion will be very helpful.

Secondly, Nanda l am trying to get the guidelines on how to determine UA but
the url . does not
work. Any idea on how to go about this?


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> Subject:[CTPP] Census Bureau issues corrections to Proposed Urban
> Area criteria based on 2000 Census
> The Census Bureau has released a second notice in the Federal Register on
> July 27, 2001 that includes corrections and clarifications to their
> original March 28 notice and additional information regarding specific
> areas that might be adversely affected by the proposed criteria. The
> comment period has been extended to August 27, 2001.
> Attached is the notice in pdf format.
> You can also access an HTML version of this document from the FHWA portal
> on Census Geography issues at:
> < >
> < >
> For further questions on the new notice, contact the Census Bureau
> Geography Division by phone at (301) 457-1099, e-mail:
> < >, or by mail to: Geography Division/GAB, U.S.
> Census Bureau, 4700 Silver Hill Road, Stop 7400, Washington, DC
> 20233-7400. When sending comments by e-mail, please include a telephone
> number, street address, and professional/organization affiliation. The
> Census Bureau portal for the UA Criteria is
> < >
> Thanks
> Nanda Srinivasan << File: newfr.pdf >>