Someone asked me to forward to the listserv the responses I received to my question.  Thank you to you all for your many responses.  I did receive the exact number from some of you.  Others suggested places at the census website where I might find the number.  I tried searching some of those but still couldn't find it there.  I will forward an agglomeration of some of those suggestions next.  Nevertheless the US Census provides.  See the attached excel file from Ryan Short which you may save for future reference. 
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I have enclosed an Excel spreadsheet that contains 1990 UA code, name, population, area measurement, and population density figures.  The Census Bureau will be releasing its 2000 UA data in 2002.
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I am forwarding your message to Ryan Short who is the UA person for Geography Division.  He will answer your question.

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Subject: [CTPP] population of urbanized area

I don't like to ask for information that I can find by just looking, but I have looked all over the US Census web site and the BTS website for the -
population of urbanized areas, specifically the Grand Rapids, Michigan urbanized area, 1990
But I cannot find it.  Can anyone direct me to a source?  Thanks.  Jay Hoekstra