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The following tip was posted to the SDC list by Delphine at State of West Va.

It may help you solve your problem… 





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apparently, because I have Internet Explorer 9 something quirky happens.  The Bureau uses IE 8.


So, if you have IE 9, here’s the steps we used to straighten me up…


I opened up my IE 9 browser homepage.

I clicked on “Tools” on the top bar.

Then I clicked the first line that says, “Delete Browsing History”

Note:  there should only be 3 boxes checked –

1.        Temporary Internet Files

2.       Cookies

3.       History

Then click the Delete button at the bottom of the box.


That did it!  The American Factfinder page I am used to opened up after I clicked on my AFF bookmark tab and on the “new” AFF page opened, I scrolled down to “What we provide” and clicked “Get Data” on the American Community Survey line.


Hope this helps anyone else having the same problems.



Delphine D. Coffey, WV SDC Lead

West Virginia Development Office

Capitol Complex – Building 6 – Room 645

Charleston, WV  25305-0311





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