I have organized a webinar for APDU.  There will be 3 topics:

1.       Census Transportation Planning Products (CTPP)  -- Penelope Weinberger, AASHTO

2.       National Household Travel Survey (NHTS)  -- Adella Santos, FHWA and Jasmy Methipara, Macrosys

3.       Transportation Secure Data Center (TSDC)  -- Jeff Gonder, NREL


This webinar is FREE for APDU members, otherwise it is $50 for non-members.

FHWA and BTS have long been members of APDU.   Hope you will attend!


Also, the APDU annual conference is coming up on September 1-2. 


Elaine Murakami

FHWA Office of Planning

206-220-4460 (in Seattle)