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Today the Census Bureau released a new Brief on non-motorized travel, written by our friend Brian McKenzie. 




Although these FHWA and AASHTO produced Profiles use older ACS data, they include more geographic choices than reflected in the new Census Brief:


We are now working on an updated set of profile sheets using more current ACS data.


If you need more detailed information on travel time by means of transportation to work, please use 

   Residence-based table:  B101217  from the 2006-2010 CTPP

   Workplace-based table:  B202213  from the 2006-2010 CTPP


For technical assistance with the CTPP data access software, please contact Ms. Liang Long at liang.long@dot.gov  301-347-9141 


And, if you missed Brian’s Census Brief from last year on Long Commutes, here is the link:




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