That’s a typo, there is ONE univariate table with all 18 modes.


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Can someone help me understand what the text quoted above is supposed to say?


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Earlier this month the AASHTO CTPP Oversight Board submitted a request

for a special tabulation of 3-year ACS tables.  For those who might not

remember, just over a year ago the Oversight Board submitted a similar

request that met with some harsh disclosure and suppression rules.

After an appeal of the rules failed, the Oversight Board set up a

subcommittee to develop a new request that hopefully would be more

favorably received by the Census Bureau's Disclosure Review Board.  It

was believed that now that the disclosure proofing rules are known it

would be possible to design data tables that would yield the maximum

utility possible while still adhering to the rules.


A copy of the new table request letter and tables can be found at the

following locations respectively.


One of the major differences of the new request from last year’s is that

modes used to go to work have been collapsed.  In 2008 we were asking

for crosstabs using 5, 8 and 11 modes.  With the 2009 request we are

asking for 3, 5, 6 and 10 modes.  In addition to the collapsed modes the

number of variables crossed with “Means of Transportation to Work” has

been reduced from about 17 to 5.  The 5 variables include travel time to

work, household income, vehicles available, age and time leaving home to

go to work.  Of course it will not be known which tables will pass the

disclosure rules until we actually see the tables.  The is also none

univariate table with all 18 modes.  When reviewing the potential tables

do not forget that the 3-year ACS is only for areas with more than

20,000 residents.


The Census Bureau and their Disclosure Review Board (DRB) are currently

reviewing the proposal and the Oversight Board is hopeful that it will

be approved.  Once the DRB is OK with the proposal it will pass over to

the ACS Office and they will prepare a cost estimate after which a final

decision by the Oversight Board will be made.



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