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Two points. includes links to BOTH the 2005 profiles and the  2000 profiles.


Nathan Erlbaum from New York State DOT pointed out a problem with the file names. Thank you Nathan for your sharp eyes.  All three profiles for 2005 have the SAME filename (on the server, they are in separate directories).  However, if YOU are downloading them, you should SAVE them as DIFFERENT NAMES, otherwise, they will overwrite each other!    For example,  the Place of Work profile for Alaska is Alaska.xls, AND the Place of Residence Profile is also named Alaska.xls. 


I have asked the AASHTO web staff if they can change the filenames, but it will take them a while before they can rename all the files and repost to the web. 


Thanks for your patience.


Elaine Murakami


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Subject: [CTPP] MORE Transportation Profiles using the 2005 ACS


The AASHTO webpage on CTPP Profiles has been updated.


There are 3 different sets, the second and third sets are the “new” ones, and are based on the October 2006 release of 2005 ACS data.   The same cautions about interpreting the results from ACS, compared to decennial Census remain the same.



-The first set is by Place of Residence. (We posted these several months ago).  Probably, we will need to go back and add more geography to this set.

-The second set is also by Place of Residence and tabulates WORKERS and HOUSEHOLDS by household characteristics such as HOUSEHOLD SIZE and VEHICLE AVAILABILITY.  

-The third set is by Place of Work.  We do not have “metropolitan areas” here, since the results are going to be nearly the same as for Place of Residence.  However, we included “State” totals, even if they are also going to look very similar to Place of Residence tabulations (except Washington, D.C.)   These are “DRAFT” and we plan to add more information about Margins of Error (in NUMBERS), where it currently is limited to MOE in percent. 


These profiles will be posted as FHWA 508-compliant HTML in the near future. I haven’t found the time to finish a “highlights” document similar to the one I did for the first set of profiles.


Also, we have added several links to our ACS page, including links to web-based training.  A good starting point for learning about using American FactFinder to access ACS data, please see the Ken Bryson archived webinar.


Nanda Srinivasan (now on vacation until March 2) did the hard work in producing these profile sheets.


On behalf of the CTPP Team:

Elaine Murakami

FHWA Office of Planning