Kate — I hope you saw Tom’s revised email that this request pertained to mid-year meetings at NATMEC conference

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ABJ30 Members and Friends,
I just received a request from Tom Palmerlee (see below) to forward him our agenda for the Annual TRB Meeting – (subcommittees – this also applies to you) – since we won’t have our regular opportunity to develop the agenda at our Mid-Year in time for this request – can I get some volunteers to help with the preparation?  I will plan to include the review of our Strategic Plan and special attention to the topics that we currently cover – any suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated as this description of our plans should help bring newcomers to our meeting – thanks!
>From Tom Palmerlee:
“I would like to post short agendas for the TRB committee and subcommittee meetings a week before the Advance Registration deadline so we can make attendees aware of these open meeting.  So please send me a short version oriented to those who don’t necessarily attend TRB committee meeting.  Emphasize the programmatic issues to be discussed, not administrative items. If I get it by next Monday, we can post them and get an email out about week before the deadline.
I will also put those agendas in the final program.”

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