ABJ30 Members and Friends,

Below is our draft agenda - we will plan to keep to it as much as possible - noting some of our guests/speakers have indicated possible conflicts -


For planning purposes – check our TRB website details on ABJ30 and Events Schedule for Annual Meeting




For those of you not able to join us in Washington, D.C., (and those who will and want to get a head start on our discussions), I will be forwarding some additional listserv messages for confirmation/discussion/edits, etc.). 


 IMPORTANT ISSUES – please let me know your response to the two issues below (either using this listserv, by emailing directly – lawsonc@albany.edu or contributing to our discussion at TRB Meeting) – thanks!


First, we need input on the best option for a sustainable internet strategy --  as we thank Chuck Purvis, previous Committee Chair, for his generous contribution of hosting our Committee's website.  Over the last 12 months, we have not been able to schedule a new host - and given the problems with keeping a website current -  please consider the following options:  should we use a "wiki" service (Shawn is trying this strategy with the ADUS Subcommittee)? - should we use a "free" site (e.g., Google)? - should I "lobby" TRB staff for a user-friendly single page TRB-hosted website that would provide a generalized format with information on how to participate in a dedicated wiki? -- other ideas or offers of host capability??    


Second, I am hearing some concerns about travel funds for our summer meeting – should I ask TRB staff about holding a webinar as part of our Summer Events?  This would allow more of our Members, Friends, and with sufficient advanced notification – our target population – transportation planners, MPOs, consultants, university faculty, and interested citizens, to participate – let me know and I will try to get confirmation that we could use webinar technologies.



ABJ30 Committee on Urban Transportation Data and

Information Systems

Draft Meeting Agenda

Monday, January 12, 2008, 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Hemisphere, Hilton Hotel


1:30 – 1:34      Call to Order  Catherine Lawson

1:35 – 1:44      Introductions  All


1:45 – 1:49      TRB Talk*  Tom Palmerlee

1:50 – 2:09      State of the Committee, Chair Report  Catherine Lawson


2:10 – 2:19      ABJ30(1) Subcommittee on Census Data  Clara Reschovsky/Kristian Rohanna

2:20 – 2:29      AFD30(1) Archived Data User Service Subcommittee  Shawn Turner

3:00 – 3:14      RITA/BTS Activities and Initiatives*  Thomas Bolle


3:15 – 3:29      BREAK


3:30 – 3:44      The “Virtual” Project*  Kim Fisher, TRB

3:45 – 3:59      NHTS Update  Heather Contrino, FHWA

4:00 – 4:14      Data in Action  Kuo-Ann Chiao, NYMTC

4:15 – 4:29      Travel Survey Archive Project  Pavithra Parthasarathi, University of Minnesota

4:30 – 4:44      New Tools for Analysis  Nathan Erlbaum, NYSDOT



4:45 – 5:14      Special Discussion Topic  Catherine Lawson and All


                                    Are we ready for 2010?  Challenges and Opportunities for Improving Urban Transportation Data


5:15 – 5:29      Other New Business


5:30                 Adjourn


*Times may vary due to other obligations


Midyear Meeting: Seattle, WA, July 19th – 21st, 2009





Catherine T. Lawson, Ph. D.

Director, MRP Program

Associate Professor

University at Albany

Geography & Planning

AS 218 1400 Washington

Albany, New York 12222

(518) 442-4775

(518) 442-4742 FAX